Reflection tutorial




Hi folks this is Astro-Writer from BM7Creations. What I’m about to show you is how to put reflection into your art-work.

First you finish your illustration, then make sure you create a secluded area for your reflection.

Next you press the hide icon on all layers, (note the whole illustration will be hidden).

At the top of the program go to the view button , there you’ll press the grid option (note, it’s great for making straight lines) create a straight black line, then use the paint fill tool to fill inside the line to make a rectangle.

Next press the hide icon to show the illustration and put the black rectangle (layer) in between layers.

Next you merge the layers of your illustration.

After that you use the select tool on the merged illustration, press (right click) on your mouse to (copy and paste).

Continue on the select tool, (make sure you’re on the copied illustration) and press the free transform icon.

When you’re on the free transform icon (right click) with your mouse and press the flip vertical button.

This part is optional, I like to add other images to the art-work. You copy this separate illustration and paste it to the project you’re working on.

Copy and paste the illustration with (the couple), and free transform the copy by flipping it vertically.

Next you merge the layers you’re using as the reflective image.

Stay on the reflected image and use the gradient erase tool, to give it the that faded kind of look.

You can even change the layer’s opacity to dim it a little,

I’m going to give it 72%.

And there you have it I hope this tutorial helped, enjoy the Sounds of Love illustration. Good luck on your reflections folks!



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