How to Draw and Coloring Japanese Landscape Background Anime




Hi, everyone! In this tips I want to share you how to draw and coloring this. The process I use is the result of learning from traditional painting. Traditional painting is extraordinary, without just multiply and overlay blending modes they can create natural art. This means that they really understand what is called color theory. Here you will learn that, so I hope you watch video below until the end. Hopefully this video and tips are useful.


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First of all, create 3 layer for each logs.

We painting top of wood. Alpha lock for detailing and create layer > multiply decrease opacity for shadow with blue color. If you when detailing don’t use opacity in 100%, but 20%/ 40% instead.

Add light colors to the sketch details to give the color a depth of texture.

Add more darker color. The more contrast the better. The darker it gets, it gives the impression that there are very deep wood fragments.

Add an orange color between shadow and light. Use blending mode "overlay".

Make base for bushes. Do it over and over again on different layers.

Create background base color.

Add some tree trunk.

And branch with small size brushes.

And finish you can see the result on this thumbnail tips.


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