May 2020

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Out of the Tips posted between May 1–31, 2020, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

The topics were automatic coloring techniques, how to draw work uniforms, and the continuous curve tool. For automatic coloring techniques, we saw tips on how to use the function and techniques for finishing touches on auto-colored layers. In the work uniform category, there were many tips on drawing police uniforms, and it was interesting to see all the differences in uniforms between different countries/regions as well as how to draw them. With Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.9.9, the Bezier curve became even easier to use. As a result, we saw a lot of tips using the continuous curve tool as part of their artwork process and how to use it to design and in other artwork. Submissions for the next Tips of the Month have already started! We’re looking forward to your entries!

Video Award

  1. Here is one Tips we highly recommend you to watch in video format! If German is not your native language, try watching it with subtitles and auto-translation. The video explains everything from the basic to the advanced settings of the Colorize function in an easy to understand manner. You'll end up wanting to try using Colorize with basic colors and compositions too!
  2. The videos and articles explain not only how to use the Colorize function, but give a detailed explanation in writing and video on how to get the most out of your color choices. The video is filled with useful content such as time-saving techniques for color selection using outside services and how to quickly adjust auto coloring results to your liking.
  3. In less than 5 minutes, this video will help you get the hang of auto-coloring. You will learn the basic ways to use Colorize and finish your illustrations. It also covers how varying your drawing strokes can change the auto coloring effect, which is very helpful. Please watch this video and enjoy all the ways you can use Colorize in your work.
  4. This is Tips shows how to use a Bezier curve on a vector layer for animation. Bezier curves are easy to distort, making them ideal for frame-by-frame animation drawings that move the drawing gradually. Try out the animation of the girl with her hair moving in the breeze on your own character.

Gold Award

  1. A very practical course filled with useful information to draw flat illustrations without depth. The first half of the tutorial covers a very wide variety of useful drawing tools. In the second half, describes how to use them to achieve higher quality artwork.

Silver Award

  1. This tutorial presents a drawing method with the [Bezier Curve] sub-tool and other useful settings for animated GIFs. It also introduces a handy website for learning the basics of the Bezier curve. It was fun learning how to draw ramen using this tool.
  2. This article presents five techniques that take advantage of the properties of the Bezier Curve tool. All of them are basic, practical and can be applied to a variety of styles of artwork. Don't miss the video that shows you everything there is to know about using the Bezier Curve! This Tips will definitely make you want to use the Bezier curve.
  3. The idea of a cat wearing a work uniform is very cute! The step-by-step instructions of the whole illustration process is easy to understand, so we recommend it for beginners.
  4. This teaches you how to change the atmosphere of an illustration by taking advantage of the Colorize feature. By using automatic coloring the illustration can go from a rough, flat colors to a finish that gives a sense of transparency. This is must to create beautiful illustrations while keeping the effect of automatic coloring.
  5. This is a tutorial for drawing a full-body uniform using a 3D drawing figure. The process of drawing a character illustration, from sketching to line art, and auto-coloring to finish, is introduced in detail. If you're not good at drawing the body or want to draw different kinds of clothing, this Tips is an excellent reference.
  6. This is a course that explains how anyone can learn how to draw a military headdress. From the introduction of 3D and decorative materials recommended by the author to the actual drawing techniques, you'll immediately want to copy step-by-step! This tutorial is especially recommended for those who draw a black and white comic style.
  7. This is how to make use a Colorize with a Grisaille coloring method. The technique using a hint-free auto-color layer as a texture was quite unexpected! Do not hesitate to check out this tutorial!
  8. This Tips covers a unique illustration idea, how to make paper dress-up dolls with various uniforms. If your not skilled in drawing the whole body, the 3D drawing figures have you covered. It also provides line art for coloring, so you can take your time working on them at home.
  9. This course is designed to help you easily draw curves with tools that are difficult to draw freehand. It shows each process for how to clean up cute character illustrations and background line art, such as in the examples.
  10. This article shows you how to design a maid outfit. It covers the different types of maid outfits, from cute miniskirts to traditional long skirts. It also reviews the concept of costume design. You can also refer to the introduction of the brushes used in the illustration examples.
  11. This tutorial is useful for designing industrial products, such as cars. The advantages of drawing lines on a vector layer and the use of the Continuous Curve tool are also covered in detail in its video. The time-lapse process of adding shadows with the automatic selection and gradient tools to finish the sports car is mesmerizing!
  12. This tutorial carefully explains how to draw Bezier curves using animated GIFs and videos. It introduces methods for making logos photo masking. Once you've mastered the Bezier curve, it's easy to reproduce, so we hope you'll give it a try.

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