June 2020

Tips of the Month

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Out of the Tips posted between June 1 to June 30, 2020, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

The themes this round were "hand gestures," "creating and using textured brushes," and "original animations with sound." "Hand gestures" saw many tips that introduced not only the basic hand structure and how to draw it, but also hand expressions. The textured brushes theme saw detailed instructions on how to make brushes, as well as some of those brushes being available on Clip Studio Assets. So not only could we learn how to customize brushes but try out the brushes from the tutorials too! Finally, "original animations with sound" saw unique animations with characters talking and other sound effects to make the animation work even more appealing. Submissions for the next Tips of the Month have already started! We’re looking forward to your entries!

Video Award

  1. An easy to follow explanation of how to set up multiple sounds in an animation and adjust the timing. The pace of the presentation and pace is easy to understand, even for non-Spanish speakers. You can find many more animation tutorials by this creator.
  2. This helpful tutorial teaches you how to customize a texture brush in detail. There are two ways to customize texture brushes: a practical approach that requires small changes to Clip Studio Paint default brush settings, and a more advanced method that creates unique digital brushes using authentic traditional drawing materials. Useful content for all our readers.
  3. This Tips covers how to adjust the volume of an audio file and export animation as a video. It also features easy-to-understand function explanations and the characters that appeared in between the videos to keep us attentive.

Gold Award

  1. This excellent tutorial not only explains the basics of drawing hands but also tips and effects on how to make them look beautiful. All of the hand drawings referenced are beautifully posed and quite informative. It's a perfect tutorial, not only on how to get hand shapes down but also on how to color them.
  2. In the first half of the tutorial, we are introduced to the structure of the hand and how to draw hand gestures in accordance with the character to learn the fundamentals of drawing hands. In the second half, we learn how to draw hands in various styles by combining the fundamentals above and Clip Studio Paint's 3D models to smoothly and practically build up our hand drawing knowledge.
  3. This tips explains the workflow from creating a plot to exporting an animation. You will learn how to use audio files for different purposes, such as sound effects for movement and background music that runs throughout the story. The completed example video was both educational and interesting.

Silver Award

  1. This is a tutorial on how to create an effective textured brush when you want to add a soft traditional drawing atmosphere to your usual illustrations. Even if you’re not good at using exaggerated textures, try the finely textured paper textures from this Tips. It's a great way to level up your work!
  2. Discover how to add two types of texture by creating original texture brushes using Clip Studio Paint, and by adding texture to the entire canvas. It's easy to follow along with and imitate each process using the video.
  3. Learn how to capture strokes on paper with your smartphone and use them as textures in Clip Studio Paint! All you need is a smartphone with a camera and Clip Studio Paint. Once your textures are created, you can easily turn them into original brushes. Please don’t hesitate to try this technique!
  4. This tutorial explains in detail how to draw the hand. It introduces the differences in the way we see the hand depending on how much force is applied to the fingers and their characteristics. It reminded us of hand gestures we usually see but don't normally pay much attention to. Hands can hold a lot of power in an illustration, and we recommend checking out this tutorial as an example.
  5. This course is designed to teach you ideas and techniques to control the impression you make with hand gestures. It contains articles with text and also videos with explanations that can be used to check the content, so it is perfect as an introduction to drawing hand gestures.
  6. In addition to explaining basic anatomy, this shows how to draw a hand using a 3D model or photo. The practice of overlapping and tracing on a photograph is a useful digital technique. There are also videos with a cute navigator companion who explains how to draw hands, so it's perfect for those who like to learn in a fun way.
  7. The explanation of how muscles attach to each other and examples of characters emoting was intriguing. This tutorial also included an introduction on how to practice drawing hands for those who have trouble with them. It also presents a variety of hands with a range of expressions, which made us want to test drawing them out ourselves!
  8. This Tips provides detailed instructions on how to make your own brushes that draw just like real pencils. It also includes the brush itself in the tutorial for download so you can try it out for yourself and use as a reference to make your own pencil brushes!
  9. Here's a Tips for applying a traditional texture to a brush. Overall, it's a pretty neat way to use images. The brushes created are also available on Clip Studio Assets. Why not download it and discover some techniques for setting up your own brushes?
  10. Using the animation of a jump as an example, this tutorial shows how to add sound effects to an animation. It also comes with a video which is helpful to follow along with. The steps in the video are easy to follow, and it also introduces many features.

Bronze Award

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