April 2021

Tips of the Month

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The creators below, who posted their TIPS of the Month between April 1 and May 1, 2021, will be awarded a cash prize or GOLD!

The themes for the 24th round were How to Draw Landscapes, Using Transform Functions, and Coloring Comics. The way the creators used digital timesavers, like the selection tool and layers, to create pieces that looked like they were made in traditional media, was impressive in the tutorials demonstrating How to Draw Landscapes. There were lots of TIPS making use of the transform tool, which only exists digitally, to improve the quality of the work rather than save time, which was interesting! The Coloring Comics theme featured a wide range of works from comics to webtoons and manga, introducing color palettes, coloring techniques, and tool settings for effective coloring. We’re now looking for submissions on new themes! We look forward to seeing your Tips!

Video Award

  1. This is an all-inclusive guide on using the transform function when creating various artwork, from rough sketches to animations. We especially appreciated just how well the explanation is presented in both the video and text versions of the guide. We hope that lots of people take a look and use it to improve the quality of their work.
  2. Why not take advantage of all the time-saving functions of Clip Studio Paint when you create your artwork? In this video, you’ll be shown how to pick colors from references, tips on how to set up your colors, and lots of other functions to help you on your way. It’s even full of valuable advice for creating work other than color comics!

Gold Award

  1. This guide features many techniques to save you time with repetitive tasks and efficient ways to color characters in multiple frames quickly and easily. The illustrated explanations are clear and easy to understand. Of all the techniques in the guide, the idea of turning the coloring of eyes into a template was incredibly inspiring!

Silver Award

  1. This tutorial shows how to easily draw astonishing landscapes. The text guide explains techniques for composition, such as fore, middle, and background views, while the video shows you how you would draw using Clip Studio Paint’s functions. We recommend you read the guide and watch the video to get the most out of both!
  2. This guide shows how to use Clip Studio Paint EX's LT conversion function to process 3D materials into backgrounds for color comics. What makes this required reading is seeing how the artist processes materials from Clip Studio ASSETS using vector layers and gradient mapping to match the background seamlessly with the characters in the foreground.
  3. This tutorial introduces coloring techniques from creating character color palettes to coloring line art for depth to create a compelling comic. Despite it covering fundamental topics, they are often overlooked by even the most professional of artists. It is a concise guide that is well worth the read!
  4. This is a must-read for webtoon beginners, featuring many simple techniques, such as how to use materials, as well as an easy-to-understand explanation on making use of layers. Using just shadows in the frames you want to draw the viewers' eye to was both a timesaver and made for an easier comic to read too!
  5. This guide explains how to easily add effects and movement to your illustrations by using the transform and animation functions. They described adding light to the background and making the character blink in such an easy-to-understand way that we wanted to give the technique a go right away!
  6. This one is packed full of everything you need to know to draw landscapes, from composition to color palettes, and which Clip Studio Paint functions to use. The diagrams and samples used made it easy to understand - this is a must-read for anyone considering studying painting.
  7. This Tips presents a practical use of vector layers and transformation functions. We recommend it for its simple and easy-to-understand explanations. Furthermore, the drawing process of the character makes use of all these functions. In particular, we found the techniques used to adjust the shape of the face and how the hair flows were excellent.

Bronze Award

3,000 GOLD

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