7. Painting (2): Background Characters




I will use my “Custom Watercolor Brush” to paint the characters.

▼ See part one for details on my custom brushes.


[1] Jabberwocky

I paint the pattern on the Jabberwocky.

Earlier, I used a pattern and mesh transformation for the flags because they are in the distance and don’t need added texture.

Since this is a closer part and is the skin of a living thing, I want to add some texture, I paint the pattern by hand so that it is slightly irregular.

I think that this checkered pattern really suits Alice in Wonderland, so I’ll use it a lot in this picture.


Keeping in mind the perspective, I paint the front squares larger, making them smaller as they get further away.

Again, I don’t use a simple white and red pattern, but use a range of shades from pinkish reds to orangey tones.


Now I’ve finished the pattern on the Jabberwocky.


[2] Mushroom and Cheshire Cat

Next I’ll paint the mushroom.


To make the lines softer, I copy the line art layer and blur it ([Filter] menu > [Blur] > [Gaussian blur] > set blur to “12”), then stack the two layers.

This gives the lines a bit of texture and creates a softer effect.


Then, I paint the pattern. There aren’t any areas that need a particularly strong texture, so I use my “Custom Watercolor Brush".


Next, I’ll paint the Cheshire Cat in the background.


The Cheshire Cat casts a blue shadow on the three characters on the mushroom.


[3] Scattered cards

Next I’ll paint the base of the scattered cards. I blur the lines here too for a softer effect.


[4] Adding a border to characters

I add a border to all the characters to make them stand out a bit more.


I’ll make some more adjustments later, but for now the background is done. Now I’ll move on to the next stage.



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