6. Painting (1): The Queen of Hearts & Card Soldiers



[1] The Queen of Hearts

I’ll start painting the Queen of Hearts, the character that’s furthest in the background.

I add more contrast than the background, while keeping a sense of distance.

This character is the furthest of all the characters, so I keep that in mind while painting the details.

[2] Card Soldiers

I’ll start painting the cards. At this point I belatedly realize that the pattern for each of the cards needs to be different...

I carefully paint the cards one by one. I imagine that the cards on the bottom side are not yet transformed into soldiers.

I also paint the border on all the cards.

I paint the patterns all the way to the cards at the bottom. Keeping in mind the perspective, I add more yellow-green tones from the background as the cards get further away.

The layers look like this.

To help the cards blend better with the background, I add a new layer and paint lightly in yellow.

The card soldiers look like this when I’m done.

So far, the whole piece looks like this.



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