How to make an Illustration in CLIP STUDIO PAINT


Hi there! In this article we will learn step by step How to make an Illustration in Clip Studio Paint, from the creation of the project, the sketch, the inking, the color and the creation of a simple background.

We will also export our work to share it on social networks.

Some time ago I made a very complete article on how to make an illustration in Clip Studio Paint, which you can see at the following link:

Then we go with the super tutorial where we will learn many tools of the Software in Clip Studio:

Tutorial How to make an Illustration in Clip Studio Paint

 🛎 Activate the subtitles in:
Configuration - Subtitles - Automatic Translation - Choose your language 😉

What did you think of this super tutorial?

I know it was a bit extensive, but I wanted to explain everything step by step, so that you had no doubts when creating your own illustrations.

If you watch this tutorial on YouTube you will find as a first comment the timestamps of the most important aspects of the video:

Now, I want us to review the most important foundations of the tutorial, the process to carry out this work, let's do it:

Enlightenment process

We will see the process of this illustration step by step, from the sketch, inking, base color, shade of the color and the background of the illustration.

Final Illustration

I hope this article has been useful to you and helps you create your own Illustrations.

I will love to see your creations with the help of this tutorial, I will certainly be very happy to see your drawings.

I leave you a greeting, that you are very well and until next time!


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