How to publish materials to ASSETS




Publishing Materials is done via the Clip Studio application. Please start Clip Studio and log-in with your account.

Note: To publish materials on ASSETS you need to register for a (free) user account on the Clip Studio site. If you have not registered yet, you can do so here.


Let’s publish a material!


1. After launching Clip Studio, select the materials that you would like to publish from the materials folder.

Within the Clip Studio application, click the [Manage materials] button at the top of the page.

Select [This device].

To publish a material, double click it or, click [Manage materials] from the [Display menu].

On the [Manage materials] display select [Publish to ASSETS].


2. Enter the necessary information such as [Description], [Explanation/Example of use], etc.

Enter the necessary information. Choose a [Thumbnail] and enter an [Introduction] and [Explanation/Example of use].


Within the [Explanation/Example of use] portion, it is possible to add example images and explain how to use the material in more detail.

Material tags are used to search for materials. Please use versatile, easy-to-understand tags.


Note: Determining material type

Please make sure that your [Brush] material is indeed your brush.

For brush materials, it is not uncommon for a brush tip image to be published mistakenly as a brush material.


Once finished, please select [Proceed to set content information].


Note: Interim Storage

When clicking [Save temporarily] on the lower right, you can save the work you have done so far. To resume your workflow, select the corresponding material from the [Manage materials] > [Publish to ASSETS] and continue your temporarily saved operations.


3. Configuring the Publishing Settings

Within the Publishing Settings, you can set the applicable software, rating, purchase methods, and so on.


(1) Set whether to publish the material for free or set a price.

(2) If you want to set a price, set the amount of Clippy tokens here. Clippy tokens can be set in units of 10.

  • As this is set to “0” by default, entering “1” or “10” will result in the price being “10 Clippy tokens” and “100 Clippy tokens” respectively.

(3) For [Applicable software] a checkmark is set to the previously designated software. This section will usually be left as is.

(4) A rating can be set if necessary.

Lastly, when clicking [Temporary Upload], the material will be uploaded temporarily.


Temporarily uploaded materials are not fully published.

Click [My Uploads].


Once the [MyUploads] page is displayed, click on the [Operation] button for the Material you would like to publish, then select [Preview and post].




If you are satisfied with the preview shown in red, click [Execute post] at the top to publish the material.


The material is now published. To confirm that it has been published correctly, open Clip Studio ASSETS.

Note: It can take a few minutes until your published materials are displayed on ASSETS.


Note: Managing Published Materials

You can manage your temporary materials saved to ASSETS, as well as published materials via the [MyUploads] page. Apart from publishing, you can also delete uploaded materials, change thumbnails or explanations, add examples of use, etc.


Please try it out and have fun publishing your own materials!



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