2-choice quiz! How did you draw this landscape painting?


Everyone! Hello!
How are you?
I'm doing my best 😊

So far, I have introduced various drawing methods.

This time, I will introduce how to draw while having fun with a little ingenuity.
Yes! What did I do when I drew a thumbnail landscape painting in a two-choice quiz format? I made it a quiz question.

There are 3 quiz questions in total.
I thought it might be a little interesting, so I made a video 😊

Please take a look.

* Please be sure to set "Automatic translation" to your native language when viewing.


I hope you read it to the end and watch the video 😅 Thank you.

I'm also active on Twitch.
If you see it, please join us 😊

Of course, YouTube is also working hard,

Thank you for your support.




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