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Tablet version of CSP is different compared to desktop version in terms of pricing. It is a subscription. Great news is that you can try CSP for ! 3 months FOR FREE !

Pricing depends on:
- Version Pro or Ex
- Number of devices

Here are the plans that are shown for Ipad

Non Tablet Interface

When you open the app you will see a minimized version of the app.

If you want to go back and turn the interface in the desktop version immediately you can go into:
Menu -> Preferences -> Interface -> Switch to Tablet Interface

This is how the screen will look like if you turn it off.

Hiding and Extending Panels

Just like on the desktop version you can hide / extend panels. Just look for small icons on top of the tool.
<< - hide
> - extend functions

Hide Menu Bar - Save Screen Space

I think if you use the CSP on ipad you should definitely hide the top panel, which will save you some screen size!

All you need to do is to go into menu option on top of the panel and click hide Menu Bar.

Costumize Hand Gestures

To customize hand gestures you can either go into preferences or you can click <> arrows next to the hand gesture.

You can turn on and off hand drawing as well. If you do not want to draw with your fingers you can switch it on or off.

How to get to Clip Services

I personally got confused on how to get to the services on Clip Studio. You just need to click the third icon and you will be able to access your account, cloud storage, and much more!

Costumazing Workspace

To move things around you just need to drag out the headers and wait until the area becomes red. After that you can let go and just dock it.

This is how my panel looks like when I finished. I like to have colors, layers, and brush settings on the bottom. I think it is the most optimal workspace.

Save and Export

You can save your files quite often! The top 6th icon will let you save. The first time you click on it it will allow you to save it in "Files". You also click the menu -> save or save as.

That will let you save as a Photoshop / PNG / JPG and more.

You can also do a quick export! It will be no hassle and it will be directly exportable to your apps like Instagram or Photoshop

Still confused? Watch my video

I go over most of the article in more depth and add more explanation on some of the functions. Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is my TimeLapse in case you wanted to see my painting :)




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