Lightning Effect


Hi, this tutorial will show you an easy way to paint cool Lightning Effects using brushes.

Brush introduction

This time I use this "cracked" brush.

It is a brush for the purpose of depiction of cracks in the ground and stones.
In order to strongly feel the affinity with the running of the lightning, the random line momentum will introduce the use.

Model introduction

Used model / 3D material

Effect effect

Draw a curve like an image using a cracked brush.

Duplicate the layer you drew and prepare two same layers.
Apply "Gaussian blur" to the first layer.
Filter (I) → Blur (B) → Gaussian Blur (G) → OK

Please change all synthesis modes to "Add".
Let's increase the depiction in the same way.
At first it is yellow light.

Blur → Addition (light emission)

Let's add blue light!

Eg) I added 3 layers with layers and colors.
Third piece → Addition (light emission)
Second sheet → Addition (light emission)
1st picture → Gaussian blur (20.00) · Addition (light emission)

By changing the size of the brush, you can freely draw from flashy light to sparks.
Change colors, adjust the blur, and find your favorite Lightning Effect!

Thank you for reading so far.


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