Using AI functions in your work




Clip Studio Paint comes with functions that use machine learning (AI) such as Colorize, Pose Scanner, and Remove tones. Try out the latest functions and see what they bring to your art!



This function allows you to automatically color line drawings. When used, a colored layer will be created above the line drawing.

For the quickest results, select a layer with line art and click [Edit] menu > [Colorize] > [Colorize all].


You can also use colorize with specific colors.

Set a line drawing layer as a reference layer, select it, and run [Use hint image and colorize] from [Edit] menu > [Colorize].


Pose Scanner

Poses can be extracted from people in images and applied to 3D drawing figures.

With a canvas open, run [Pose Scanner (Image)] from [File] menu > [Import], and select an image you want to use as a 3D drawing figure.


If you already have a 3D drawing figure or 3D character on a canvas, you can also scan poses from photos by selecting [Pose Scanner (Image)] from the [Tool Property] palette > [Object Launcher].


Remove tones [EX]

You can remove tones from layers, or convert them into grayscale.

This is useful when importing a traditionally drawn manga document that uses screen tones, or a file with flattened layers.




  • Remove tones


Select a layer, and run [Delete tones from selected layer] from [Edit] Menu > [Remove tones].




  • Change tones to grayscale


Select a layer, and run [Change tones to grayscale] from [Edit] menu > [Remove tones].


For more details on using AI functions, see the Instruction Manual.



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