How to open references and working canvas at the same time?


Hi everyone,
I'm back with a short tutorial: organize your canvas with references.

It’s many ways to open a reference and draw a canvas at the same time. You can import the picture inside the canvas,open half the screen… But the most convenient way I usually do is drag to order the canvases.

First, open your references picture by file -> open.
And create a new canvas that you’ll work on.
Or you also can create a canvas and import your references, besides your working canvas.

Now you can see, I got 2 canvases here, you can open more if you have more references, but usually I just open maximum 3 references since I have no enough place to set up.

Then click on the file here, and drag it out.

And finally, my workspace will be like this, it’s easy.

Thank you for reading. Hope it is helpful and enjoy it!

My short Info:
Hobbyist illustrator
IG: oneinthemoon


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