Drawing Flames




We often make our characters chilling out around a bonfire or we make our characters emitting flames.

These flames gives a glow to our art doesn't?

So lets learn how to make them.

The basic Structure of a fire

So there are four or three colors that you would need to make the flame.


Pick any color then pick a lighter version of the same or vice-versa.



So consider that there are four layers in a flame with the core having the brightest or the lightest color.

While it gets darker or say warmer as it gets close to the outer layer.


You can do the same with other colors as well.



As for example I have made a blue flame here.

I have used the Gpen for upper one and for the lower part I have used brush and spray.



The materials I have used for the flames are all default brushes available in clip studio paint.

Till now I have majorly used this only.

For making the flames I will only use the following brushes/pens

The air brushes are used mostly to make the outer edges in a flame, and also to make the sparks.

Making a Bonfire

Once you get the grasp of making a flame you can make any type of fire.


Lets start with the basic shape

Make different shapes, Make whirly lines, make S or Z, or other curvy lines to draw the base of the flames.


Just note: The flames are usually broader at the base and circular.

Make a circle then draw on its upper can be a better option.

Make sure to close the lines. As this will help you selecting, my suggestion would be to make selections of the inner part as then you can fill the colors without letting the color out, but it optional

I have close the gaps and then made the selection


I have made all colors in separate layers, Its very important to do so.

I'll be using Gpen to fill the outer layer as this way there won't be any transparency when I'll be using brushed.

will be using these and the airbrushes mentioned above

Lets add the outer layer first (used Gpen)

After filling the outer layer I have added the lighter shade of it.

Here I have used Round Watercolor brush.

Again using the round watercolor brush I have made the 2nd core.

finally add core. I used the round watercolor brush here as well.

You can use 'add' from the layer properties to give the core layer a glow effect

Remove the lines around flame to give it look like this.

You should add such effects around the surround of flame to give the flame a glow effect.

You should add such details as this will give the flame more life, also the flame is meant to make the surrounding bright hehe.^^

With use of Air brushes draw at the outer layer to give it a fading effect.

This part is a suggestion.

You can draw sparks around the fire too with droplet air brush and spray

turn the background in a darker color to see better effects.

Making Flames around a character

For this the basic of making flames should be well understood.

Then just make your characters first.


Add flames by making swirly, S/Z shaped lines

Like this

Make sure to keep all the gaps closed for easy selections

Add the outer most layer first (i.e the darker shade first)

>Color your characters and background first, for the sake of tutorial I have closed the color layers of character and background.

Add the rest of layers, as mentioned in 'making bonfire' part.

Now turn off the lines for flames and with use of airbrushes give the outer part of flames a fading effect.

Color your characters well.


Remember that flames go best with a darker background.

Thanks for reading, I'll also be adding aa Youtube tutorial so keep checking.


Give a comment and like.


Keep practicing <3 ^^



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