2. Backing Up Your Works to the Cloud



Compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.10.5

You can automatically sync your works to the Clip Studio cloud service. You can create cloud back-ups of works created in Clip Studio Paint.

If you have back-ups saved, you can download your works from the cloud in the case that your device breaks.


Synchronization matches the local works and the cloud works to ensure you always have the latest version. It compares the update times of the works on the device and on the cloud, and synchronizes to the version with the most recent update time.

The work edited on your device is uploaded to the cloud to create a backup. If the version on the cloud is more recent, any changes made on the current device will be discarded and overwritten with the version on the cloud.

Select Works to Back Up

Go to the Manage works screen to select the works you want to back up.

Select [Manage works] to display the Manage works screen.

On the Manage works screen, select [This device] ([In this app] for tablet and smartphone versions).

Check the boxes for the any works you want to back up and select [Syncing On] beside [Switch syncing status].


If the file name contains certain symbols or character strings (for example, / > < ? : " \ * | ; NUL), you may not be able to use it in the cloud service. We particularly recommend that you avoid the use of symbols in file names if you are a macOS user.

If a file cannot be synced, a warning will be displayed before setting up synchronization.

Backing Up Your Settings.

You can set up Clip Studio to back your works up to the cloud when the program is opened or closed.

Select the cloud bar.

When the [Cloud] screen comes up, select the [Cloud Settings] block.

On the [Cloud Settings] screen, choose the following settings.

■ Windows/mac version

Turn on [Synchronize works when starting up, logging in, and shutting down], then click [Save settings].

■ Galaxy/Android/Chromebook/iPad versions

Turn on [Synchronize works when opening or logging into Clip Studio], then click [Save settings].

Backing Up Your Work

Open Clip Studio and log in with your Clip Studio account.

If you open Clip Studio but do not log in, you will not be able to back up your work.

■ Windows/mac version

You can sync works when starting up, logging into, and shutting down Clip Studio.

■ Galaxy/Android/Chromebook/iPad versions

You can sync works when opening and logging into Clip Studio.


You can check the synchronization progress by selecting the [Communication Management] icon (the one with two arrows pointing left and right at the top of the screen).



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