3. Copy Your Settings to Different Devices



Compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.9.14

You can back up the Clip Studio Paint settings using the Clip Studio Cloud Service. If you make a backup, you can transfer the settings such as shortcuts to other devices. For example, you can use the settings that you are familiar with on your PC by transferring them to your tablet. The reverse is also possible.


To learn which data can be backed up, refer to section “About Data Covered”.

You need to log into Clip Studio to use the cloud service.

Backing Up Your Settings

Open Clip Studio to make a backup of your current settings.

Select the cloud bar.

When the [Cloud] screen appears, select the [Back up app settings now] block. A confirmation message will pop up. Select [Yes].

Restoring Your Settings

You can use Clip Studio to restore any backed up settings to your current device.

Select the cloud bar.

When the [Cloud] screen appears, select the [Restore app settings] block.

This will display a list of settings that have been backed up.

Select [Restore] on any app settings that you want to restore.

When the storage limit is exceeded, the oldest files will be deleted.

You can delete app setting backup data by tapping the trashcan icon.



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