2.Preparations before Creating a Color Manga




Color the manuscript you made according to the monochrome manga guide to create a color manga.



In your monochrome manga manuscript, [Monochrome] is set as the [Basic expression color] of the canvas. If you create a new layer and use it for coloring with the current setting, the layer will be displayed in monochrome. Change the [Basic expression color] of the canvas to [Color].


<Changing the Canvas Properties>

Select [Edit] menu → [Canvas Properties]. In the [Canvas Properties] dialog box, change [Basic expression color] to [Color] and click [OK].



In this case, the images will be created with a resolution of [600dpi] as you are using your manuscript from the monochrome manga guide. A resolution of around [300dpi] to [350dpi] is usually recommended when creating a color manuscript.


<Hiding Layers Made as Tone>

The toned [Fill in Monochrome] layers you created according to the monochrome manga guide are in the "Finish" folder. Hide this folder, as you will not use these layers to create your color manga. On the [Layer] palette, select the "Finish" folder and click [Show/hide layer] to hide the "Finish" folder.


<Hiding the [Balloon] Layer and "Sound Effect" Folder>

Hide the [Balloon] layer and "Sound effect" folder too to make the coloring process easier. Display the [Balloon] layer after you have finished coloring and display the "Sound effect" folder when you are ready to color the sound effects (if applicable).



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