May 2022

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Out of the Tips posted between May 2 to 31, 2022, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

The 37th TIPS of the Month focused on Types of Eyes, Gradient maps and Creating profile icons. We learned a lot about the basic structure of the eyes, as well as how to express characters’ emotions effectively in the Types of eyes section. The ways that Gradient maps were used with color correction layers and layer masks were really something to see. Finally, for Creating profile icons, we got some good tips for using small spaces effectively! We are now accepting submissions for next month’s themes and looking forward to your posts!

Video Award

  1. We loved this simple guide on making use of gradient maps, including techniques on easily changing the color profile of your piece, using correction layer settings, separating parts using layer masks, and creating a cohesive color drawing effectively. If you want to try your hand at gradient maps, we definitely recommend you take a look at the video.

Gold Award

  1. Have you ever gotten stuck with trying to find the right eye shape for a character in profile or at a three-quarter angle? With this guide, which helps you understand the structure of eyeballs and lids, you’ll find drawing eyes at any angle a cinch! The video and animated gifs in this guide make it even easier to visualize all the points!

Silver Award

  1. This guide shows how to apply show stopping color to your black and white drawings by taking advantage of the gradient map feature. The detailed explanations are easy to follow and will be sure to help you create even more expressive works of art.
  2. This tutorial introduces all the different things you need to think about through text and video when creating a profile picture for your social media account, with the writer giving their own experience of creating their profile picture. This guide should be especially helpful for people who want to create icons with a simple, eye-catching logo or picture.
  3. You know you’re gonna be up to your eyeballs in great pointers from first glimpse at the banner at the top! All in all, there were a lot of simple line drawing examples, but the characters looked full of life and the expressions were well communicated by the their eyes and eyebrows.
  4. The example images of stunning anime-style eyes really drew us in. This tutorial shows you how to draw eyes that convey a number of different emotions and moods. It was all very to-the-point and easy to grasp. It was shocking how effective it is to express different emotions just by moving the eyebrows!
  5. This Tip gives you everything you need to know before you start creating your social media profile pictures. If you want to create your own, but don’t know where to start, this is the one for you! You can either follow along with the text guide, or the handy video that the author has made too!
  6. This guide not only shows you how to make the eyelids around the eyes look a bit more 3D, but also goes into how to the lighting and color of the eyes make the eyes appear differently to the viewer, and what that implies about the character. The examples given here are mostly studies of realistic eyes, but we thought that many of the techniques could apply to more cartoony styles as well!
  7. This Tip explains how to make pictures and text stand out more in the limited space of a profile picture. As well as tips for making text look more like a logo to make it more visible, this guide has a load of examples to explain text sizing and color contrast to make your icon really pop!
  8. Do you ever get stuck at the eyes when drawing your characters? Beef up your knowledge of eyes with this guide! In this Tip, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the structure of eyes and how they can be manipulated to create expressions, and help your characters show their true selves!

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