How to animate fire in Clip Studio Paint


Hello! In this article we will learn step by step How to animate fire in Clip Studio Paint, making 2 types of animations.

We will create 2 animation cycles of a fire flame.

And for the realization of this animation we must understand how to make it, I explain it in the video but I advance it so that you understand it better.

To animate fire we must create the following sensation:

Promotion - Swelling - Division - Reduction

Advancing you a little information, I invite you to see the tutorial:

Tutorial: How to animate fire in Clip Studio Paint

Although the video is in Spanish you can activate the subtitles in your language, you will surely find it 😉
And if not, write me in which language you want the subtitles and I'll add them.

What did you think of the tutorial?

We saw step by step how to make simple animations of a fire flame in Clip Studio Paint.

This is the base, now it is up to you to create fire and of course add more details to it.

This is the first animation we achieved in the tutorial:

And this is the second animation that we achieved in the tutorial:

If the article was helpful, let me know below in the comments or directly on the YouTube video.

I leave you a greeting, that you are very well and until next time!



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