June 2019

Tips of the Month

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Out of the Tips posted between May 29 - June 30, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

For the second “TIPS of the Month,” we asked our users to submit their Tips on 3D drawing figures, fantasy backgrounds, and colored pencils. Many #3Dfigures entries were aimed towards first-time users, covering the basics such as placement and posing. In #FantasyArt, we saw several in-depth articles that went into the entire process of drawing a background from scratch. #ColoredPencils had less entries than the other two, but still had its fair share of intriguing Tips with great examples. Submissions for the new themes are open from July 1st. “TIPS of the Month” has multiple winners every month, so don’t be shy and share your best art tips!

Gold Award

  1. The example of this Tips is exactly what the title promises; a delicious, beautiful burger. Starting from the sketching process, the tutorial is a step-by-step guide on how the artist created the example, complete with downloadable brushes and screenshots of the layer structure.
  2. With each chapter introducing a step in the workflow along with detailed explanations of essential Clip Studio Paint functions, this tutorial is the perfect introduction for first-time digital artists. After reading Part 1-3, readers will have gained knowledge on the basics of Clip Studio Paint’s functions. Given the quality, it’s hard to believe that this is the artist’s first Tips.
  3. This tutorial offers a practical, in-depth look into the thought process and technical aspects of drawing fantasy backgrounds. Using images and GIFs, the author explains various tips and tricks for composition, how to guide the eye, and how to use the golden ratio. By the end, it feels almost as if you are taking a private art lesson! The playfulness and humor is a nice touch as well, and keeps the reader focused and entertained.

Silver Award

  1. Using 3d materials, this Tips explains how to draw comic and illustration backgrounds with accurate perspective. The original materials are available on Assets as well, making it easier to follow each step.
  2. Using a free 3D character model from Assets, artist GraceGit introduces how to create a chibi character turnaround. The character appearing in the tutorial images is a very cute touch!
  3. Short but sweet, this tutorial explains the creative process of drawing a fantasy background from scratch.  The concise explanations for each step and tools of Clip Studio Paint are very helpful.
  4. Using a filter very creatively, this Tips explains how to create a color pencil brush by yourself. If you want to start creating your own brushes, this is a good place to start.
  5. This Tips shows how you can use the 3D drawing figure as reference for your hand-drawn animation. One of the more unique tips on this list, it shows how to recreate a scene in your mind on the canvas.
  6. Divided into chapters, each step provides easy to understand, specific images that help the reader along. The chapter that explains how lighting works is especially good, and the artist’s enthusiasm towards fantasy settings is inspiring.
  7. Using an emotional scene as an example, this Tips introduces how to place multiple 3D characters into the same background image. The workflow near the end that shows how to match the characters to the existing artwork is very versatile.
  8. Depicting a fantasy scene, this tutorial explains what the artist focuses on such as color studies and how to find errors. The GIF animations that show the before and after of a step are informative and a great resource.
  9. From hatching techniques to shading, this Tips is a treasure trove of information on digital pencil sketching. If you’re interested in traditional pencil sketches or color pencil drawing, this is the tutorial for you.
  10. Using the traditional castle as a motif, this unique article goes into the steps of creating a fantasy art environment.  The tutorial starts with a silhouette and goes all the way to final touches, concisely covering each individual step.
  11. This three part series carefully shows the reader how to use 3D objects to draw a fantasy background. With various tips and tricks along the way, this tutorial makes for a good read.

Bronze Award

3,000 GOLD

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June 2019 themes(May 29 - June 30)
  1. Theme 01

    Digital techniques recreating the effect of traditional colored pencils, or how to incorporate traditional colored pencils as part of the digital art process.
  2. Theme 02

    Digital techniques, brushes, and materials useful in the creation of fantasy art.
  3. Theme 03

    Helpful ways to use 3D drawing figures to create concept art.